About us

Carlo Carlesi

Carlo Carlesi suffered from hypertension for ten years which was getting progressively worse. He learned about the Buteyko Method while searching for a solution. This propelled him to read a book about it in 2003. He applied the method successfully on himself resulting in no need for medication. This profond experience made him decide that this simple and so efficent method should be made available to everybody. He participated in an Italian course for Buteyko Instructors in 2004 and later organised many courses helping numerous people. In 2008 he has received his qualification of Buteyko Practitioner from the Buteyko Clinic.
Flavia Lollis
Flavia Lollis became familiar with Buteyko Method in order to resolve her problems of asthma which began in adulthood. Her desire was to share the joy of healing with many other people and enable them to return to normal life. As a result, she completed the Italian formation course for instructors in 2004. In 2008, she received the qualification of Buteyko Practitioner in Ireland at Buteyko Clinic. She lives and works in Trieste.